Referral Friday – Rena Howell of Five Element Acupuncture

Rena Howell 2016I have known and referred people to Rena Howell for years. I love her spirit and she has the uncanny ability to do exactly what I need when I need it!  Here is a Q&A between us  about her services….

What services do you offer?
I love working with women through all the cycles of motherhood, from fertility through pregnancy and postpartum.

Five element acupuncture can enhance fertility, removing blocks to the flow of energy in the body that may be affecting conception, and providing relaxation and stress relief during a time that for some may be challenging.

During pregnancy it can help maintain optimal health and comfort, keeping a mother feeling her best. In addition, it can help relieve symptoms such as back pain and nausea.

The time close to birth can be particularly taxing, and treatments can offer a wonderful way to ease fears and enhance relaxation to contribute to an optimum birth experience.
Postpartum, there can be fatigue and a need to rebuild energy and inner resources. In acupuncture there is a belief in the “golden month”, referring to the period right after giving birth, when a mother should be cared for and her health and strength nurtured.

What do you love most about what you do?
In five element acupuncture we believe that the health of the mother is of the utmost importance to mother and child, and this is a wonderful way to support her. I’m delighted to share in this time with mothers and I really enjoy being with women on this journey!

How did you get started doing this work?
I fell in love with acupuncture almost 30 years ago. I graduated with a master’s degree in acupuncture in 2000 and have had a private practice ever since. I’ve been in practice in Savannah for the past 12 years.

Anything else you want to share?
I have two children myself (teenage sons) and am very aware of some of the blessings and challenges of parenthood. Enough said!


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