Cool technology for pregnancy, L&D and after your baby is born….


Things change so quickly in the world of technology!  That’s nothing but great for us and I love all the apps for pregnancy, L&D and after the baby is born.

Emoji-Mom-still pregnantIt was not long ago that we actually had to use a watch to time contractions — and now there’s a free app that times the contractions and keeps the data on a log that it can give back to you as a chart or a graph (there are several – I have the free version of “Contraction Monitor.”)

However that app is old news!  What are some of the new technologies that you guys are using?  I recently have stumbled across:

First — An App:  Check it out here on Instagram to filter and add words and cute little symbols to all your baby pictures!

And Second — For all the funny, joyous & difficult moments that only a Mom can appreciate:

Check out Emojimom….. Mom chasing baby emojiWhat else is out there Moms?  Share the wealth — we need to know!