Doula Deliveries is honored to serve expecting parents in the Savannah, GA area for support during pregnancy, childbirth and in new motherhood.

My training in Yoga, Childbirth Education, Hypnobirthing® and Birth Support make Doula Deliveries a unique choice to meet many needs during this exciting time in your family’s life.

It is such an honor when a mom and her birth companion choose me to support them during pregnancy and birthing. Childbirth is an amazing time and our goal is to educate and support couples, providing a calming influence as they experience their perfect birth. It is very important to find a doula that is a good fit and we enjoy spending time before the birth to get to know the couple and their desires for their birth.

I meet with couples at least two times prior to the birth (more if needed!) and are with them during the entire labor and delivery. I attend births in hospitals, birth centers and in homes.  When Mom’s go into labor, I will meet at the home if the plan is to labor there prior to going to a hospital or birth center. After the birth, I will stay with the parents long enough to get everyone settled and assist with the first breast-feeding session.

Helping to empower moms as they recognize that their bodies are perfectly designed for birth and empowering their birth companions so that they have the tools to provide a high level of support are two of my greatest joys.

Feel free to contact me regarding any questions ~ even if you decide not to utilize my services.